Songs You Forgot You Ever Remembered

I was listening to Radioio 80’s New Wave the other night (GREAT internet station, by the way) and a song came across that I had not heard in 20 years. A song, despite it’s incredible amounts of cheese, I loved then and I still love now.

Anyone remember Curiosity Killed The Cat?

And, yes. That is *really* Andy Warhol.

I plan to spend tomorrow teaching Declan how to dance like that. I am *positive* it will make him the coolest kid in his class.

Have you rediscovered any music from your youth lately that you were on the verge of wiping from the memory banks?

P.S. YouTube is the best invention EVER.

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  1. Mamma

    Okay, I know we’re the same age, and this song would have totally been on my radar screen but it doesn’t even ring a bell. Thank god they told us their names though.

    Lately I’ve been grooving on The Walls Came Down by The Call.

  2. Franklin5

    So I’m the goob who went SCRAMBLING to iTunes after you Twittered about Curiosity Killed the Cat the other day… no dice, which had me channeling some impressive teenage angst. (“It’s not FAIR! But ME WANTS!”)

    Loved this band (especially Julian, what with the eyes and the British cool and all), loved LOVED loved Level 42, loved Swing Out Sister. And YAZ, I am utterly convinced, just gets better with age.

    My (audible gasp) twentieth high school reunion was last week, which has had me on a deeply nostalgic musical scavenger hunt recently. Can’t wait to see what other gems turn up here!

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Mama, I think I only knew of them from working at the record store. And being totally into British pop bands.

    Which brings me to: FRANKLIN! Level 42 remains one of my all time favorite bands. Mark King still does not get enough recognition as being one of the best bass players ever, period.

    Case in point:

    And I looked for CKTC on iTunes that night too. Yes, NOT FAIR.

    Kathy, I *love” Mary’s Prayer. I have Danny Wilson on physical CD even.

    Carrie – Haircut 100! LOVE!

    And Scritti Politti, totally.

    BUT ALISON!!! YOU HIT ON A SONG I HAVE BEEN LOOK FOR ON MP3 or CD for YEARS! I am about to resort to having my British neighbor buy it from his UK iTunes acount. I LOVE PAUL KING and “Love & Pride!” We used to dance to it in the clubs in college. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. LOVE! (One more LOVE!)

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Bwaaa haaa haaa!

    Went to Amazon’s UK store and ordered the best of both CKTC and King. They will both be on next months Greeblemix!!!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh, and Mamma, I love the Call. We have their best of as well.

  6. SP

    When you are done teaching Declan, will you teach me? I need all the coolness help I can get.

  7. Steve

    Oh sure, I recently ran across an old Throwing Muses performance on YouTube. Man they were great!

  8. Ms Mac

    Whoah! Blast from the Past. It’s like being at one of our school discos. Only not as traumatic.

    How cute those boys were. I’m sure I must have crushed on them all at one point.

  9. Anonymous

    holy crap that video is HILARIOUS. 80s to the maxxx!

  10. Andie

    you are totally making me want to go home and watch valley girl, can’t buy me love, and all of those movies from the 80’s!

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Tears For Fears, an ALL TIME FAVE.

    And throwing Muses, AWESOME.

    Another song I heard recently that I forgot how much I loved was Work For Love by Ministry. Poppy-style Ministry. Ahhh. Actually, I loved both styles.

  12. Kathy

    First time I’ve heard it, and I was pretty glued to MTV in the 80s.

    One of my 80s favorites that no one remembers is Danny Wilson’s “Mary’s Prayer,” and I had to look up the name of the band.

  13. carrie

    I LOVED them! They were hot!

    Remember these guys – Haircut 100, the song – Love Plus One. OMG. Check it out! 😉

  14. Alison

    I remember the song but not the video. The other day in the car (where I often listen to Sirius’s First Wave) I heard a song by Scritti Politti that I’d forgotten about.

    Oh yeah, and how about King? I blogged about him here. YouTube *is* A Good Thing when it comes to finding music you used to love!

  15. Nat

    LOL. I am pretty sure there is a reason I chose to forget this one. ack!

  16. Mary Beth

    I was a huge Tears for Fears fan – Mad World anyone? That and Mister Mister and The Thompson Twins. If that video came on TV, you would know immediately it was from the ’80’s.

    Hi, my name’s Mary Beth and I love 80’s music!

  17. Meghann

    I don’t remember where I was linked to it, but Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler. You should look that video up on YouTube. Great 80’s song. Freeeeeaky video.

  18. Franklin5

    First, unbelievably impressive riff from Mark King.

    Seriously: how was there life before YouTube? I shudder at the memory.

    Second, I just thought of another musical trinket from days of yore: Bourgeois Tagg.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? No?

    Here, then:

    This is SO me at seventeen…

  19. Catherine

    I recently purchased a compilation CD called “Second Wave” from (I’m slightly embarassed to admit) Starbucks that brings back lots of memories. Here’s someone else’s post about it with extensive comments

    It’s in my car, permanently.The husband can’t stand music from the 80s. T

  20. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Bourgeois Tagg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have their tapes in the basement somewhere!

  21. Anonymous

    I feel like singing Barba’s Memmmoooriiessss!

  22. zenrain

    Our recent fave has been Julian Cope, World Shut Your Mouth…..
    Funny to watch my kids dancing to it 🙂

  23. monstergirlee

    Hi Aimee, I’m actually using your blog to test something for myself – sorry. I do look forward to a posted video of Declan’s new dancing skills.
    And yes, girls like the boys who can dance – I did!!

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh, another one I love!

    The Honeythief by Hipsway:

  25. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And JerseyGirl – they ALL were hot. All just eyecandy I suspect. I wonder if any of them actually played the instruments.

  26. Erika Jurney

    Look what you’ve done to me… Heaven 17:

    I love it 😉

  27. Jerseygirl89

    Is it just me, or is Julian hot? I only barely remember this song, which sucks, because I definitely should have had a crush on Julian. I’m with Franklin about Level 42 and Yaz, though.

  28. Tree

    Lately, when I have been in a bad mood, I have put on Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats and I hit repeat. It makes me ridiculously happy.

    Also, I caught Pretty in Pink yesterday on HBO – uncut. After years of only seeing it completely cut on TV, I forgot there was swearing in it!

  29. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Men Without Hats. So fun.

    And Pretty In Pink is the best soundtrack, ever, Period. End of story.

  30. Circus Kelli

    WOW. They were so achingly cool. You can just tell from that video. Makes me wonder… where are they now?

  31. Kim

    TAlso try listening to the Dutch 80’s and 90’s station my hubby works at if you like. They have a stream. Always fun to hear foreign language, commercials etc I think..

  32. stream of nothing

    down to earth by CKTC was an absolute classic, as i recall……..

  33. J at

    You tube totally rocks, but you made me feel old, because the song from MY youth is a bit older. And it sucks. OK, I was 11, so it’s really youth, but still…

  34. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Bangles – Eternal Flame … also heard on 80s radio today.

  35. Amy

    I agree with Meghann on this one! Total Eclipse of the Heart is quite possibly the best song from the ’80s!

  36. Karen MEG

    I’m having memory flashbacks from these comments… I vaguely remember Curiosity Killed the Cat, very vaguely. I graduated from HS, OMG, 25 years ago ;( , so it may not have hit my radar.

    Thank goodness for Youtube and Sirius First Wave or I would forget ALL of this!

    Fun post!(Came by J’s blog).

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