Speaking of Christmas…

During this holiday season, I have felt really conflicted. Mainly because Declan is “there” enough to finally understand what is going on and I have no idea how to explain it all to him without feeling like a liar or a hypocrite.

As I have mentioned before, I am agnostic – although not strictly the definition of agnostic. I do believe there is a higher power out there somewhere (jokes about the Flying Spaghetti Monster aside), but I certainly do not believe that Jesus was the son of God. I think he probably did live though. And had some good things to say.

That part makes me feel better about celebrating the birth of a man who wasn’t even really born on December 25th.

I also wrestle with the hypocracy of so many Christmas traditions that were actually born of Paganism… although many Christians either ignore this fact or pretend it isn’t true.

Traditions is the word I key on, though. I do feel traditions are so important, on so many different levels, and I really want to pass that on to my child.

So, yes, we celebrate Christmas even though neither Bryan nor I are technically Christians.

When Declan asked recently what “Christmas” was, I said, “It is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but more importantly, it celebrates human kindness and peace on earth.”

Now that is a tradition I would love to pass to my son.

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