Best Denver Concert Photos 2021 - Greeblehaus

Best Denver Concert Photos 2021

I feel incredibly lucky that we got back to concerts in 2021. It was so fun to collect my best concert photos and reflect on this year. While shows were limited and sometimes a bumpy ride – it was vastly better than 2020, when I…
CHVRCHES at Mission Ballroom - Denver Concert Photos

CHVRCHES at Mission Ballroom

CHVRCHES is one of those bands who are so incredible live they can play both Denver and Boulder back to back, but I was lucky to see them at Mission Ballroom, our new(ish) venue that helped these Scottish indie-pop pros strut their stuff in the…
Chvrches band performs in Denver

Chvrches at the Fillmore in Denver

When Chvrches lead singer Lauren Mayberry bounded out on stage at the Fillmore in Denver, I knew it was going to be an awesome show. Then about 30 seconds later, the electricity blew out on stage and the poor gal was standing there awkwardly trying…