The Beaches - Concert Photos & Review - Summit Denver

The Beaches at Summit Denver

The Beaches have had quite a year! Since the last time I photographed them, they jumped from the Marquis to the Summit, and they will next be in Denver opening for Girl In Red at Red Rocks. Based on the screaming during the Summit show, fans have also really resonated with the new album, Blame My Ex (understandably so, it’s killer). Super happy this band is finding a larger audience because they are really fun live. It’s clear they enjoy playing music – and more importantly – playing music together.

Formed in Toronto in 2013, the band consists of lead vocalist and bassist Jordan Miller, guitarist Kylie Miller, guitarist Leandra Earl, and drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel. Drawing inspiration from various genres including rock, pop, and punk, The Beaches craft a sound that is both modern and nostalgic. Their songs often feature driving guitar riffs, infectious hooks, and powerful vocals that reflect themes of empowerment. (That’s always my fave. When messages are buried under fun pop songs.)

There is a lot of humor too – both in the music and on stage – like when Kylie lost her purse for the umpteenth time on tour and someone in the crowd returned it to her (and the band then teased her relentlessly about it.)

Beyond the shows with Girl In Red, The Beaches are set for a bunch of festivals in 2024. I hope you can catch them!

The Beaches – Denver Concert Photos

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