The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God.

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  1. Velma

    I need a big orange afro wig like that for a party I’m going to.

  2. villanovababy

    Declan is such a crack up!

  3. Sizzle

    I see y’all went and got new hair dos. 😉

  4. Tree

    That’s too great! I love it.

  5. Mamma

    My first thought is that dream sequence in Fletch when he’s 6’5″–6’8″ with the fro.

  6. Lawyer Mama

    Why does Dad get the most fabulous wig? (-;

  7. zipper


  8. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    You guys look superfly.

  9. motherbumper

    AMEN (I knew my wig collection was going to save me someday).

  10. MB

    It really does look a lot like Bryan.

  11. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Enviable ‘fro …

  12. Heather

    Makes me think of my favorite Spongebob epsiode where he finds a wig. I’m thinking of getting one to wear around town when I don’t want to be recognized. =P

  13. Anonymous

    too funny.

  14. Ashmystir

    ha. ha.

    He speaks the truth.


  15. monstergirlee

    Do you know this Hole family?


  16. Builder Mama

    Bryan done gone and got his hair did.

  17. Bryan

    We gettin wiggy wit it.

  18. nutmeg

    Stop showing him those old pictures of Bryan.

  19. apathy lounge

    Well…you know that’s always been true in Texas.

  20. Manager Mom

    Wow…I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite so disturbing in a long time.

    Not so much dad’s choice of clown wigwear but the misapplication of the possessive apostrophe.

    *shudder* thank goodness it’s just a kid who doesn’t know better.

  21. painted maypole

    that’s awesome!

  22. Catherine

    When I saw this headline on my feed, I swear I thought you were gonna discuss the Texas polygamists’ wives. Have you seen those heads of hair??

    This is much more entertaining. 🙂

  23. Anonymous

    I like how Dex is getting his groove on.

  24. Fi

    There’s some serious backcombing going on with Dad’s do!

    Hope he’s got some serious hairspray to keep that style in check.

  25. bipolarlawyercook

    Now I’ve got to scan my high school hair photos.

  26. carrie

    Hey – we match!

    So very cute. Frame Worthy for sure! 🙂

  27. creative-type dad

    Wow! Dad’s got some heighth

  28. Anonymous

    I laughed so hard!

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