The Half Years

When Declan turned two, we held our breath. Everyone knows about the famous Terrible Two’s right? But they didn’t come. Until two and a half. Then three came and righted the ship again. Until three and a half. Which, upon further investigation, is a well-kept secret of evilocity amongst rugrats, a second Terrible Two if you will. Oh yes, Three and a Half had us on our toes. And I started reading, books, blogs, forums – we were not alone.

I found something overarching in all those books and reference material. Half years suck. OK, I am paraphrasing, but the general consensus was that at the beginning of a year, kids feel all grown up, are enjoying their “big kidness” and are willing to act a little more human for a while as they adjust to being whatever age they just turned.

But as they approach the half year, they get bored, want to stretch their wings, push the limits, and basically be the little punks they are wired to be. I mean, kids will be kids, right?

This Half Year thing has certainly held true for us. Beginning of 4? Absolute joy. Beginning of 5? Starting to see maturity and hold real conversations.



OK. I just had an online tantrum there myself. Sorry.

But is his behavior just wired into the half birthday, or is it the fact that it falls smack dab on Spring Break, Easter, the break in routine, the excess of candy and general spazziness of Spring?

Either way, I am holding my breath for it to be over.

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  1. kdiddy

    my son is 6.5. I’m considering picking up a drug habit.

  2. Anonymous

    Amen, sister.

  3. Mamma

    See when you have more than one you’re so damned tired that you barely notice.

  4. laughingatchaos

    No, it’s not spring break, it’s the half year. My oldest will be 7 in a few weeks, and he is totally calm right now. His younger brother will be 4 in July and is currently in the throes of 3 and a half-hood. This is why I bought 6 bottles of wine the other day. LOL!

  5. Autumn

    I don’t know if it’s the half year or spring, but my almost but not quite five and a half year old cried and whined for half an hour this morning because of a “bump” in his sock. Good Lord I thought after five we were done with tantrums..

  6. Sarah Jackson

    It’s the half year. No question. I’ve had it with all 3 of them. Even my 17 year old is more trouble at the half year. Ugh.

  7. Sizzle

    Hmmm…I am wondering if I can get away with throwing a tantrum at my half-year mark. Is there an age limit on this?

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Scott and Sizzle, you guys made me laugh!

  9. Anonymous

    Oh, we have the half birthday thing here too!!!!

  10. Mr Lady

    I once, because I am the suckiest mother alive, had a 7 1/2 birthday party for my kid after skipping the 7 party. It landed right in the middle of October, when the whole world sucks in kid-standards.

    This was the smartest thing I have ever done. It was AWESOME.

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Both Doodaddy and Mr. Lady – YOU ARE ON TO SOMETHING. Let’s combine your ideas.

  12. daysgoby

    I don’t know if statistically that’s right or not (I think we read the same book!) but I can tell you that 6.5 and 3.5? Are collectively KICKING MY ASS.

  13. Nat

    Three from start to finish was hell!

    At 7 1/2 you get lip. A lot of lip and a lot of “You are not the boss of me.”

    Turns out I am my mother… ack!

  14. Megan

    This is all so true!! OH MY!

  15. Mrs. Chicken

    Oh yes, yes! The Poo is just like that. Only for her, it is usually the quarter-years – one-quarter, three-quarters. She’ll be three and three-quarters when Shaggy is born. Wheeee!

  16. Becky

    HEY! That’s what is wrong with my punk! He’s 7.5! Thanks Aimee! I can quit my therapist now.

    I can’t wait for 8.

  17. june

    This is one “problem” I can’t relate to…no kids here. I’m sure the good outweighs the aggravating though!

  18. Ashmystir

    Love kids but this is why I have a dog. I know me and I know that I have trouble with being patient. I would not want to put a kid through MY tantrums. =)

  19. Sue at eLuckypacket

    2.5 Thinks he rules the world. Doesn’t need to sleep. Can hit people on the head with his baseball bat and get away with it. Not. On. My. Watch.

  20. Scott Booker

    Take it from someone who understand….I am 35 1/2…..and I WAAA WAAA WAAA!!! Falling on the floor!! Screaming!!! ME WANT!! ME WANT!!!

  21. Lisa

    BTDT! If it’s any consolation the half-year tantrums wane to only several weeks and occassional outbursts after the age of 6. 🙂

  22. Doodaddy

    You know, they can hardly count. Maybe we should make up new whole numbers and shove ’em in between the existing ones.

    “You’re 3 years old!”
    (Six months pass…)
    “You’re BLAGORTY years old!”

    Then, at 4.5, 5.5, etc., we stick in “OBALORTY” and “PERIKORTY” and so on. I mean, their math will suck, but at least we’ll have some peace!

  23. Anonymous

    We have been lucky and avoided this!

  24. gorillabuns

    I drink evening cocktails so I can ignore the fights and temper tantrums from my girls. Not healthy but I’m okay with it.

  25. Loralee Choate

    Oh, yah. I am not fond of the half years AT ALL.

  26. Anonymous

    I hear your wisdom grasshopper – now I know what to look forward to!

  27. jennifer

    My son just turned 2 1/2 and is suddenly AWFUL! This totally explains it and leaves me cowering in a corner in fear of many half years to come.

  28. pinks & blues girls

    It’s about time someone explained why I throw a tantrum every May 4th! Yikes, my half birthday is just over a month away. Watch out, peoples, watch out…

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  29. Anna

    I totally agree. Half years SUCK.

  30. carrie

    I have found myself pondering the half years many a time also . . . they can be blamed for tons of misbehaviors in our house!

  31. Maurice

    McKenna is 5.5 and she is a holy terror. This morning she got into a foot-stomping tantrum and grabbed her mother’s wrist to stop her brushing her hair. She’s sassy, mouthy, and fiery.

    And my son Owen the other day got mad at his sister and said to her “You’re driving me nuts! I’m going to kick your ass!” I’ve never used that phrase, so naturally I blame my in-laws.

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