The Mechanics of Logo Design

It’s funny how, when you procrastinate long enough, some things actually become easier.

In December, I gave a talk at Ignite Boulder about the basic steps for designing a logo. If you don’t know what Ignite is, you have 5 minutes, 20 slides and each slide auto-advances every 15 seconds. EEKS!

Given the format and the time constraints, clearly my talk was high-level – just some general tips that most folks can apply when they are creating, or working with a designer to create, their logo. Things like color theory, kerning, printing formats and YES – the Double Rainbow Guy!

Ever since then, I have been meaning to break apart the presentation into a post, but LUCKY ME! This week the videos from the night were released, so I have the WHOLE PRESENTATION to share!

Hooray! Hope you like it.

Also, Be sure to check out Jason in his fabulous dress, so you know why I was wearing a suit.

P.S. Thanks to Ef Rodriquez for being my guinea pug.

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  1. sue at nobaddays

    Fun a fun preso, Aimee! Love it, and learned a few things!

  2. sue at nobaddays

    Meant: WHAT a fun preso! … !

  3. hrmustang

    great blog, love the pictures, just awesome.

  4. chloebear

    Great job! Really enjoyed your presentation. Sorry to have missed the real thing.

  5. kristy - where's my damn answer

    Great presentation Aimee :D. I love it. Funny, I was just talking to Ron about wanting to learn more about what goes into creating branding from scratch. We don’t do a ton of it, but it intrigues me. Any suggestions on books that are good to learn more on it?

  6. Schmutzie

    Aaaaand here we are in late August! I found this emailed to myself as I was cleaning out my inbox, and I love it!

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