This goes in your WTF File.

How is this even remotely acceptable?

P.S. Please excuse the mess WHILE BLOGGER IMPLODES. What the hell has been going on all day???

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  1. The Byrd

    I was hoping this was from or something as a joke video… WTF for sure!

  2. Amber

    WTF indeed. That is ludicrous.

    Great. Now I have to go to bed angry!

  3. sweetisu


    I got a headache just from watching this thing.

  4. Alpha DogMa

    I’m going to pretend its an SNL skit.

  5. Lisa

    WTF is right!!!

    This country is driving itself into the ground. Ugh! That makes me mad.

  6. Anonymous

    That is seriously frightening.

  7. SP

    Infuriating and offensive!
    Question: Is there anything we the people can do about it?

  8. Sarah

    OH MY GOD.

  9. Andie

    that sucks.

    it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened in louisiana as well.

  10. Nancy

    The scary part? It doesn’t surprise me … just one more thing to add to the WTF about our government.

  11. Kendra

    That was absolutely disgraceful…and yet it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  12. monstergirlee

    That is really scarey. And thats just one part of one day’s worth of voting.

  13. TX Poppet

    This makes me mad enough to spit nails. I live in Texas. I watch the news most every night. How is it that I had no idea this was happening until this morning?

  14. gretchen from lifenut

    WTF is right.

  15. Melissa

    While I am nauseated by this, I think it would by hysterical if they set the video to music.

  16. Anonymous

    WTF is right.

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