Traffic NASCAR

Bryan gets stuck in traffic a lot during his commute, so he decided to take the power back today.

And then he realized he was filming vertically and made another.

I love being married to this lunatic.

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  1. Meghann

    Bwahahaha “Lightbulb makers union”.

    Another reason why I really don’t miss living in a big city. (It’s kind of cute what people call bad traffic around here. They’d keel over and die in Houston.)

  2. zipper


  3. Xtian

    I HATED driving on CO blvd. HATED IT!! Don’t miss that one bit. =)

  4. Alexis

    Effing spectacular. Reminds me of my commute from Commerce City home to Cap Hill. #goodolddays

  5. EatPlayLove

    seriously, LOVE this. Is the white car in the first video a fog machine?

  6. MargieK

    Never messed with Colorado Blvd in the dark. Definitely going to share this! 🙂

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