Two Very Big, Very Important Firsts

This morning I headed into the pottery studio and dragged Declan along with me so Bryan could have time to work on his 3D class homework. HOLY CATS, DECLAN LOVED IT. I think we may have found a regular Sunday morning “thing” for us. Of course, he mainly mushed around clay like playdough for 3 hours and didn’t actually make anything – but hey, once I was done my shit, I took pity on him and we did made a cup together. He is already plotting out the glazes he wants to use on his piece.

Call me selfish all you want, but I am out of this world excited that I may get to do my hobby and entertain my son at the same time.

And then, since the snow has been melting like crazy this week and it has to be over 60 degrees today, we carted Declan’s Christmas bike up from the basement. The poor schlub hasn’t even been able to ride the damn thing ONCE! Not ONCE! And he did awesome. L-o-v-e-d it. Bryan got a sheen in his eyes (similar to mine this morning) – thinking of all the evening bike rides they would be taking together.

And yes, yes, he needs a helmet. The kid has been growing like a moose and his old one is way too small. We’ll get to Target this week, I promise. Seriously, that is one of my hats because his head is about only 1 size shy of mine. By the time he is a teenager, we are going to have to have special beds made for him – I just know it.

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  1. Tree

    Both firsts are awesome! Congrats, Declan!!

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