So, wanna hear the latest in my “pumpin’ gas” teacher dilemma?

First, thanks so much for all your input. In the end, Bryan and I decided to go to the lead teacher. Mainly because Miss X was a fairly new teacher, and to be honest, I am sceeered of her. She’s harsh. And as Mr. Lady pointed out (since her kids used to attend Declan’s school), the principal and the PTA really don’t have jurisdiction over the afterschool program, even though it’s held inside the school.

So, the lead teacher and I talked last night. Bryan “pumped” me up (ha ha) on the way there via cell phone, promising to be my backup if need be, since I am REALLY bad at confrontation, even though I can be really loud and foul mouthed sometimes.


Me: Can we talk?

Her: Sure!

Me: I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything, but Declan was singing this really inappropriate song the other day [insert me singing the song for her] and he told me Miss X taught it to him.

Her: Yeah. She did. I caught her doing it. She’s out of here. Her last day is at the end of the month. We can’t have her teaching things like that to the kids. [looking at me with an adorable little smile, like “was there anything else I can help you with?”]

Me: [blustering, blustering, trying to reel in the rest of my prepared speech, halting the brakes] Oh. OK, well. You know she calls the kids names then, too?

Her: Yeah, I have to talk to her about it nearly every day. It’s just not working out.

Me: Oh, OK. Well…. Thanks for listening to me.

Her: Any time. We always want the program to be good for both the kids and the parents.


So. There you have it.

I guess I do need to get Miss X that gas station uniform, then.


P.S. By the way, I had the photo of the day over at LOOKING INTO yesterday! Go check me out!

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  1. Sizzle

    woah- that’s awesome! she totally got what was coming to her. yay for things working out!

  2. Nancy

    Glad she’s “out of there”.

    I’m sure others complained about her too.

  3. Sarah O.

    Oh, I know that “adorable smile” (the wordless “thank you for your input” smile) you’re talking about. Get used to it. You’ll be seeing a lot of it during Declan’s education. My kids are in Middle and High school and that smile still sends shivers down my spine.

    Congrats on the photo! It’s gorgeous.

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Sarah, no, it was really an adorable smile… not a shit-eating grin at all. I really love this teacher. ALOT. Like I want to snatch her up and put her in my pocket and keep her with me all day long.

    And Nancy, she did tell me other parents have complained as well.

  5. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus)

    Talk about getting what you want! 😉

    Your photo is lovely.

    And by the way, congrats on being a finalist for Best Kept Secret at the Bloggies!

    I voted fer ya!

    (and myself. *snort*)

  6. Stacey

    Great news! As someone who also really dislikes confrontations, I’m relieved for you!

  7. portorikan

    Well, I read about the song earlier and I didn’t think it was such a big deal, just a silly song, but then again I don’t have kids, so I don’t understand a lot of the little things like that are important to teach (and not teach) kids.

    I think it’s awesome though that the head teacher had already taken care of it, I think it’s awesome how you sat your son to tell him why such things were wrong (I like your husbands simpler approach, but you probably gave your son more of a why. I think I would’ve needed it. If not at that age, then younger) and I think it’s awesome that you were willing to be uncomfortable in order to rectify a situation you didn’t agree with.

    I hope I’m that decent of a parent and care enough about my kids to do all that you have done. I see so many kids nowadays that don’t seem to get that love, attention, and discipline that it’s awesome to see a parent who not only says they care, but really means it.


  8. Gretchen

    Very good! Glad to hear the program is being proactive. I wonder, though, if she was ‘out of there’ why they would hang on to her until the end of the month?

  9. Angella

    Good news all around, hey?


    Just stopped by to tell you I saw your ballot on the Weblog Awards and voted for you 🙂

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh and Gretchen, it’s because they don’t have enough coverage for the amount of kids, they need to hire someone new.

  11. chloebear

    WOW – Got off easy and didn’t have to whip out the IB!!!! Glad everything worked itself out.

  12. Amanda

    Congratulations on in the bloggies finalists!! 🙂

  13. Sarah Jackson

    It’s the best resolution ever when you discover that the problem is already taken care of and you don’t have to be the bad guy. yay!

  14. Tree

    Great news! That is a relief.

    Many congrats, my friend!!

  15. Rachel

    Congratulations! I’m so glad that worked out for you!!
    I adore your blog and voted for you at the bloggies! I think you rock!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And congrats to you too, Sarcastic Mom!

    And Chloebear – LOL – IB! yes, the “Inner Bitch” got a rest last night.

    And my email and text is pinging off the hook. You all are so freaking kind.

  17. monstergirlee

    Wow, glad to hear it worked out well. Good for you for speaking up too.

    Oh – I think I have… 9 to use, not 8.

  18. daysgoby


    And the confrontation too!

  19. Anonymous

    Awesome resolution!

  20. Ali

    that couldn’t have been easier!! 😉


    That’s great! I’m glad things worked out! I’m glad you had the courage to go through with the confrontation. Isn’t it funny when you’re on a roll but things go much better than anticipated? You described that quite well. 🙂

  22. alejna

    What a relief! And good for you for speaking up. I know about aversion to confrontation, myself. I’m so glad it went well for you. And that it was already resolved.

    (And for what’s it’s worth, I find the song offensive. Perhaps not as offensive as some, but offensive. And certainly not something a teacher should be teaching kids.)

  23. Sleeping Mommy

    Good grief! I hadn’t seen that post from the other day. I’m so glad the lead teacher was on top of it. That has to be reassuring about the kind of program Declan is in.

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Doodaddy, she knows I write it, but I know she does not read. I told her tonight about the overwhelming disgust here towards the song, though. 😉

    And thanks to all re: the photo and the Bloggies!

  25. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Aww, Sandy that is so sweet!

  26. WiredMonkey

    Glad to hear that you received some results with your concerns. When I read that the other day, I was sitting slack-jawed and couldn’t believe it. I had to call my wife over to read, just to share the outrage. It’s hard to have sympathy for the girl (I’ll reserve the term woman) when she feels that kind of ignorance has a place in a gathering of young, impressionable minds.

    Sounds like the impact on Declan was rather minimal too, which is also super…the less he has to go through the course of these developments, the better!

  27. Melissa

    Right on – Way to sock it to her (heheh)! 😀 And gorgeous photo!

  28. Huckdoll

    Pffft…haha! That was kind of funny. Getting all worked up and it went so smoothly…you go girl!

  29. Doodaddy

    Have you wondered… if… maybe the lead teacher reads your blog?

    :), Dd.

  30. soccer mom in denial

    Great job! And it sounds like D’s school is terrific.

    And great photo. Loved the tutorial.

  31. Sandy C.

    Oh…and a post at Momisodes to get others to vote too, hehe 🙂

  32. Mrs. Chicken

    Wow. How did she get hired in the first place? Glad she’s on her way out. Reminds me of the parent in The Poo’s coop classroom who told her to resolve conflicts by yelling at the other kid. I’m not joking. It is taking MONTHS to break her of that bad habit. Thankfully, that mom is gone now.

  33. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Chicken, here’s the rub. Her daughter is in the afterschool program.

    THIS is gonna be fun.

  34. Autumn

    I’m so glad it worked out. BTW your picture is wonderful. You have such a great eye.

  35. MB

    Now if we could only have D’s lead teacher talk to the damn teachers at my kid’s school!

  36. Shannon

    I’m still totally shocked that she would teach the kids that song and not see anything wrong with it. Glad she’s gone.

  37. painted maypole

    so glad that was resolved. and isn’t it nice to know that the program is on top it?

  38. Lisa

    well now that was easy, eh?

  39. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I *know* Lisa! Seriously, huh??

    And get this, guys… today I walked in and she was letting the kids throw beanbags at the paneling in the ceiling. Yeah, um, BUHBYE. Lead Teacher had a conniption when she saw.

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