We’ll Show HER!

If you thought Declan’s Christmas list from the other day was hilarious, wait till you hear this.

After school drop off, I was chatting with the other moms and we were comparing all the Christmas crap we had left to do. And trust me, we all have a lot to do. Just like you, I am sure. The good news is I have talked several of my loved ones into accepting, well, love, from us this season, so my load is much lighter than it usually is right about now.

But as we groused, my friend Bess piped up with a doosy. She described how her very bright and very inquisitive daughter, Lulu, has been questioning the existence of Santa Claus. Luckily, Bess has been able to lightly brush the questions away, knowing a fabulous Wii system is sitting in the closet just waiting to be placed under the tree on Christmas Eve.

But as I said, Lulu is bright. She came to her mom earlier this week and told her she only had ONE request for Christmas. Just ONE.

Bess sucked in her breath, wondering if the ONE request would be something other than the fabulous Wii that had been so hard to procure (seeing as she did NOT win one from this very blog.)

“What is your ONE request for Christmas, sweetie?”

“Mama, The ONLY thing I would like for Christmas is a photo of Santa. In our living room when he visits our house on Christmas Eve night.”


Little does Lulu know Bess has friends. Friends who are good with Photoshop.

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  1. samantha jo campen

    Yeah! Beat her at her own little game!

    Muah ha ha ha ha ha!


  2. jess

    omg. thank god for friends with photo shop. that is fuggin hilarious.

  3. Anonymous

    that. is. awesome.

  4. Ms. Maxwell

    After I got done laughing like a fool, I realized that I AM a fool because I’m certain that MiniMe and Lulu went to the same Smart Little Girl School. I shouldn’t laugh.

  5. Irene

    Ha-ha! Yup, smart kid. Thank God we now have PS.

  6. zipper

    you are going to crush her.

  7. Nat

    Funny. I am actively trying to disavow the notion of Santa with The Boy.

  8. monstergirlee

    Awesome! I’d love to see the pic when you’re done.

  9. Ali

    what did we ever do before photoshop!?!?!?

    love this post!

  10. Giyen

    holy shit. what happened to suspending your disbelief? it’s so handy as an adult, not just kids!

    next thing you know she might ask to see pictures of a stork carrying babies to peoples houses.

  11. nutmeg

    I overheard my oldest say to her sister “I know there’s a Santa Claus because Mommy would never spend that much money on toys.” Girl’s got it right!

  12. Christina

    I love it! Smart little girl. And very LUCKY mom to have friends with photoshop 😉

  13. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    hahah … photoshop allowed me to dodge the Santa question for many many years. I manged to keep him guessing until he was 12 years old and even on his 12th Christmas … he had doubts that the other kids were right.

  14. Jamie

    Hahaha! That is the best story!

  15. Rachael

    Oh my gosh. That is hilarious. What a smart kid.

  16. Stephanie

    I was just sure your post was leading up to a plug for this website.


  17. Hip Mom's Guide

    Go get her, photo mama!

  18. Rhiannon

    Oh, I like this kid.

  19. motherbumper

    Oh Lulu is a bright one indeed. Would she be satisfied by foot prints in the snow or crumbs on the plate of cookies left out for Santa?

  20. (Keri) Auburn Gal Always

    Last year Sissy wanted an autographed picture of Rudolph. I also have a friend that is good with Photoshop.

  21. Anonymous

    love this post. WTG Lulu!

  22. HG

    Meg – my oldest said something similar yesterday: “You know how I know that Santa Clause is real? Because you would NEVER give us that many toys.”

  23. MB

    I’d rather have a Wii.

  24. painted maypole

    at the risk of sounding like a grinch, this is the sort of thing that sounds sweet but drives me nuts. Why do we have to lie to a child who knows the truth? Why do we insist that children have to believe a lie for Christmas to be magical? Why can’t we give gifts as an expression of love instead of telling our children tall tales? (and I’m a christian, so Xmas means something else entirely to me, but even without the religious stuff, I think our need for children to believe in Santa has gotten WAY out of control)

  25. Sarah K

    ooohh. maybe you could help me too. J.M. threw down the “there is no Santa” gauntlet the other day.

  26. Creative Captures Photography

    Priceless…. ;D

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