When Conversation Over Pancakes Turns Into Singing With Inanimate Objects

So, we’re sitting at breakfast, enjoying the fabulous pancakes that my husband makes every weekend, and Ray LaMontagne comes over my iPod.

Aimee (to Bryan): “Hey, James wants to go see this guy, do you want to go?”

Bryan: “Oh, this is that guy? [pause, listening] I’ll tell you in about three minutes.”

Declan: “Who, James Morrison?”

Bryan: “Yeah! Wouldn’t that be awesome? If Mama could go to Ray Lamanablahgahblah with JAMES MORRISON???”

Declan: “Well, she should! They could all sing a duet!”

Bryan: “No! I like it better when Mama and *I* sing duets…. La la LAAA laa! La la laaaaaa la la la.

Aimee: “My cheriiiieeeeee amour…”

Declan [who hates it when we sing]: “No! No! Stop. Dada. Sing a duet with the lamp instead.”

Bryan: [staring intently up at the lamp] ……

Declan: “Well, go on….”

Bryan: “What? Did you hear it? I was singing in lamp language. That was an awesome!”

Declan: “No. Sing in AMERICAN, OK?”

Bryan: “OK. … [singing in a REALLY annoying voice] … Hey, there lamp, let’s SHINE SHINE SHINE!”

Declan: “ARGH!!!! NO! STOP STOP STOP!”

Bryan: “Don’t worry, that’s in the next verse … [singing resumes] … Don’t STOP STOP STOP!!! Shhhiiinnniingggggg”


Welcome to my life, peeps.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love posts like this – it’s a look into your life!~m

  2. Sizzle

    Your boys are cute.

  3. carrie

    That would be a perfect concert!

  4. Mighty Hunter

    “What? Did you hear it? I was singing in lamp language. It was an awesome!”

    Truly. Anyone who can sing in lamp language has a plethora of talents that need to be explored.

  5. zipper


  6. Tree

    Awesome. I just felt like I spent some time hanging with y’all. And I loved it!

  7. Laurie

    I really wonder what Lamp Language sounds like. Can you record it next time?

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