When does regular school start again?

Just got a letter from Declan’s summer daycare that I was late picking him up on 7/5/07. Time on the letter that I picked him up? 5:03pm. Time they close? 5:00pm.

Granted, I was late. Absolutely. And she did warn me the other day when I was 5 minutes late that day. And I promised to try harder.

But seriously, closing at 5 in the first place is crazy. Especially when last year this place’s hours were 7am to 6pm and they cut them by 2 hours with exactly 2 weeks notice to the parents. Exactly how is a single parent supposed to manage an 8am – 5pm pick up situation? We are lucky because we can flex our hours, but it is still difficult for me to get out of here at 4:30, and get across town in rush hour traffic.

But I will try. I’ll set 4 more alarms and have my assistant yell at me to get out of here on time.

In exchange, though? How about the staff at his daycare actually say hello to me at drop-off and pick-up? Does that sound fair?

I am ready to bring back the Dream Team.

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  1. creative-type dad

    The wife and I had the same problem.

    We found an older grandmother type woman really close to work who watches our daughter and she’s pretty flexible.
    We still try to pick her up around 5:30(ish)

  2. monstergirlee

    Being open 8-5 is ridiculous. That doesn’t even give time for one person to P/U & D/O and take a lunch at work. Sound rather rigid. Sorry.

  3. mayberry

    That is insane!

  4. Heather

    Ah the insanity of summer with kids! Gman is getting up at 5AM so he can be at home when our friend brings PDQ home or he has to go get her. He is so happy I can go get her next week and bring her to work until he comes to get her. I hate to agree but bring on the school year!

  5. Builder Mama

    Holy cow, they’re bitching because you’re three minutes late? Geez.

    At our preschool, they have parents that are 20 – 30 minutes late every day. Now THAT is worth bitching over.

  6. Tanaya

    Seriously? Who the hell gets off at 4:30? I work at a bank and even with banker’s hours and being straight across the street from the preschool, I rarely get there before 5:05. I guess if you work part time or you are SAHM, their hours aren’t for you.

  7. Tanaya

    I meant if you aren’t a SAHM or part time worker…it’s really really hot here.

  8. mitchgib

    I have to agree that 5 pm is very unreasonable !
    My husband is always late- I tell him things are 1-2hrs before they really are so he shows up relatively on time !


  9. Melissa

    Mkay – That is ridiculous. Especially if they don’t have the decency to say ‘hello’. Since you are the boss with the mostest, have you thought about starting a day care co-op at your office? You and your employees can all pitch in so you can have daycare on site?

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    thanks all… 🙂 It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my annoyance. The good news is they do really care for Declan and teach him great tings or we wouldn’t have sent him back there for the summer. Bryan keeps reminding me I *was* late… WHATEVER!!!

    Melissa… we actually did discuss it but we only have a few employees who would benefit and the insurance surrounding it was OUTRAGEOUS. :((

  11. nutmeg

    I just want you to know I expected this blog entry to be up by 9:22 and you did not have it up until 9:25. I’m very disappointed with you.

  12. mamalicious

    This single mom is experiencing similar woes: my daughter’s daycare doesn’t open until 7:30. For morning girl, it’s tough to wait to take her. Yikes.

  13. aimee / greeblemonkey

    LOL Meg!

    And HI Lissa! How was the move???

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