Where Does Your Candidate Stand On Healthcare?

This is a huge issue for me because our insurance renewals just came back with a 20% hike.


And that is after a 3% healthy group discount.

We are scrambling to figure out what to do, but I am absolutely shocked that the insurance company would do this… in an election year, where health care is an hot button issue.

Or is it?

Does anyone care about anything?

Other than celebrities doing stupid shit?

Is it just easier to focus on that crap?

Rather than think about the big picture stuff like why we are spending billions on a war we started under false pretenses when even a fraction of that would help so many people here in our OWN DAMN COUNTRY?

Well, NOW is the time to care. Please pay attention to what the candidates are saying. Particularly about domestic issues like education and healthcare.

Here is a site that might help.



P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful for technology like this that brings our candidates and their views right into our computer screens, and allows us to really think about the issues that are important.

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  1. Angie

    Bravo! Are you continually amazed that more Americans don’t seem concerned about the state of this country?

    Not only education & healthcare, but the environment, food safety, cost of this insane war…..the list goes on and on.

    I’m with you – WAKE UP PEOPLE – research a candidate and VOTE!

    Thanks for bringing attention to this serious topic.

  2. Nancy

    Amen sistah!

    After 22 years of providing health care, my employer can no longer afford it. I had to purchase private insurance, but I can only afford (barely)catastrophic insurance. You got it, NOTHING is covered unless I am on my death bed … but ONLY if I am in the hospital =( … and that costs well over $100 a month.

    Pay attention to your candidates views!

  3. Mamma

    Yep. Mine just went up by 18%. It’s ridiculous!!

  4. The Byrd

    While I am guilty in the category of celebrity gossip, (I know, I know I am trying to ween I promise!) I also happen to believe that we should know everything we can about who is going to take over the horrific state of this country. We have no health insurance. This is because it is CHEAPER to go to “urgent care clinics” when we need to, than pay the $356 a month it would cost us. Unbelievable.

  5. joansy

    This is one of the primary reasons why I closed my small law firm and joined the county public defender’s office. I was paying $1750 a month for two employees and the insurance was crap. It was also pretty clear that the rates would go up and up, even though our state passed every medical malpractice and tort reform law presented by the insurance industry under the guise of keeping rates low. And now my doctor has also closed her practice because the insurance companies were paying crazy low amounts ($12 for a physical that took almost an hour, for example). The whole system sucks.

  6. Sarah

    20%??? That’s seriously crazy!

  7. Mr Lady

    Dude, SUCH a big issue for me. After 1 1/2 years with 3 kids and no insurance, I am thanking Jesus we are in Canada. I read somewhere that funding SCHIP fully would cost the same as one week (?) in Iraq. Grrrrr. If Canada can pull off universal health care, so can America. Period.

  8. Flower Child

    20%! That’s insane. I am so thankful for my awesome health insurance and so frightened to lose it. Makes job hunting a very interesting exercise.

  9. saucygrrl

    When I was a F/T employee it used to drive me up a wall when our health insurance would go up. I love how employers tout it as such a grand benefit. Then I went freelance and (because my husband and I are fairly healthy) we went without insurance, it seemed cheaper to just pay $150 for the office visit than for insurance.

    Then we moved to MA and now it’s a law that everyone has to have health insurance, but we’re above the line for state assistance for insurance so the cheapest plan worth having that the state of MA offers is going to cost us $650/month. It pisses me off because we NEVER USE IT. It’s like buying an Audi without the benefit of it being parked in my garage. Thanks a million Mit Romney.

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Byrd, I love me some celebrity gossip too… but hate how it’s somehow become mingled with the real news! Why are they LEADING off with Britney?

  11. L Sass

    Thanks for the link–the health care situation in this country is a very important issue in the coming election.

  12. boogiemum (www.boogiemum.com)

    Ahh, you know how much I love my health insurance! This is one of the most important issues I am considering when I vote…

  13. Diane C.

    That is ridiculous. Our healthcare $$ went up and coverage went down. I won’t go there, it makes me too angry.

    On top of everything, be glad you moved out of MD. They are either trying to tax us to death or have everybody move out of the state, which is something I regret not doing when we moved over a year ago.

    AND what gets covered on our local and national news, Britney, who’s pregnant, etc… I can’t stand it!

  14. WiredMonkey

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. WiredMonkey

    It is ridiculous – the items in the news right now would make some of the serious journalists of 50 years ago roll over in their graves (those who have gone there already, of course).

    Jib Jab (who did the really amusing political cartoon of Bush/Kerry back in ’04) did a pretty amusing song/animation about it here. You should give it a listen for a nervous chuckle…it hits home.

  16. Chantelle

    Great link! Thanks for that.

  17. Candy

    I have to admit, because we have our insurance paid for, it’s not a hot button for me, but it should be.

    Because one day, maybe it won’t be paid for. So thanks.

  18. crabapple

    I agree with everything you said here…it’s distressing what is going on in this country. I am starting to wonder if we really are on track where the future will be like that movie “idiocracy”. Arrgh.

  19. PT-LawMom

    My husband (from Guatemala) just spent an hour on Friday ranting and raving about my $800 doctor bill. And we HAVE insurance!!! He couldn’t understand why, when we pay so much per month and in co-pays, we have such high out-of-pocket expenses. I told him that’s what you get with a sick wife, but it’s also why I HAVE to work a full-time job with decent benefits while attending law school at night. It’s all about healthcare in my world!

  20. PunditMom

    Thanks for pointing us to this site. We just finally watched Michael Moore’s movie Sicko this weekend — now I’m really nauseous.

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