Wicker Park

I haven’t done movie reviews in a while – mainly because we haven’t seen anything recently worth commenting on. Well, we watched Wicker Park last night and wanted to be sure to warn anyone and everyone to stay away. It was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long, long time. I almost got up and spontaneously started to clean, like the time when we watched Barbed Wire (yes, I know we were asking for it with that one). But Wicker Park was supposed to be a reasonable psychological thriller – Netflix predicted we would give it 3 stars and Netflix is usually pretty darn close.

Not this time.

We rated it 1 star, as in, hated it.

It was slow, insipid, and in general made absolutely no sense. We started making up a KGB Russian spy sub-plot just to entertain ourselves about halfway through. Bryan kept joking that it wasn’t a “thriller,” – it was just an “er.” He also commented that he would rather shoot himself in the knee that watch that movie again.

So, you can consider yourself warned.

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