X-Ray Vision

As we were shuffling out of the caucus last week, stepping trepidaciously over the ice and shivering in the 10 degree weather, Declan was happily yapping away. For a while now, he has been insisting he can see through things.

Declan: Dada, isn’t it cool how I can see through things?

Bryan: Can you see through this crowded parking lot to find our car?

Declan: Sure! [squinting eyes and looking] It’s over there [waving in the general direction of all the cars] I am so good at seeing through things! I can even see through the whole world. All the way to China! [looking down at the snowy ground and concentrating]

Lady Walking Next To Us: I bet you see a bunch of snow and ice there too!

Declan: [surprised by her comment, then long pause, then sly smile] I told you I could see through things!!!

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  1. Sizzle

    he’s got super powers!

  2. Tree

    X ray vision is not a bad thing. Just ask Superman!

  3. zipper

    Wait till he starts using it to see through girl’s clothing!

  4. Anonymous

    He is so cute!

  5. zenrain

    that’s hilarious!

  6. a. beaverhausen

    I just read what Zipper said and started to laugh. So true! So true!

  7. Scott

    That is so cute. And he doesn’t even need the X-ray glasses like I do!! Very cool!!

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    LOL Zipper! I won’t tell him that part yet. 😉

  9. Lauren

    He’s a riot.

  10. chloebear

    Maybe by the time he grows up, he can apply for a Superman postion!

  11. Andrea

    What an adorable imagination!

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