Andy Grammer and Parachute in Denver

Note: I was provided tickets and a photo pass for this concert, but all word and photos are mine.

Sometimes concert photography is so easy. The lights, the band, the crowd – they all play in your favor. However, most times you have one or two things go your way, you do your best, and hope you get the shots.

Andy Grammer played with opener Parachute at the Summit Music Hall recently, and both were amazing. High energy, great musicianship.

But the setup of the stage, made it a little hard for me to get “in there” on the band. They both had tons of gear, and Andy brought stands to be able to get higher above the crowd and connect further back.

Will Anderson of Parachute

In the end though, it’s all about the performances, of course! I was super impressed with what a fun time Andy had with the crowd, how he ran around the stage, and how great his voice sounded live.

Andy Grammer photos from Denver:


AndyGrammer_06 AndyGrammer_08


AndyGrammer_05 AndyGrammer_13

I would definitely love to photograph Andy again the next time he is in town, or more importantly, just have fun watching his show. You can hear his album on his site, and there are still some dates left on the end of this tour – so go see him live!

{I was provided tickets and a photo pass for this concert, but all word and photos are mine.}

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  1. Everyfann

    LOVE both these bands. GREAT pics.

  2. Everyfann

    Well, Andy Grammer not a band but you knwo what I mean.

  3. Jenna

    Your photography makes my heart happy.

    Thanks for sharing these here.

  4. zipper

    checked out his album – nice!

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