Are You A Hat Person?

Apparently my husband is…


And there is NO DOUBT my kid is.

My Kid Likes Hats

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  1. little big / exlibris

    Oh, THANKS. Now I get to resist the urge to go straight to Tar-jay and try on hats.

    (Such cuties, BTW)

  2. Aimee Estes

    B looks hot! Love that pic of him! And of course, D is so big and grown up looking.
    Yes, I am a hat person! Almost everyday!

  3. zenrain

    I love them! Always have 😉

  4. Andie

    When I saw this post, it reminded me of the Target (speaking of which) “dream of wearing hats” commercial! Funny. What a handsome young man!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Clearly I have missed out with not having cable – I know nothing of this Target commercial you all speak of.

  6. Kim Hosey

    I’m not, and I always cringe at my husband’s hats. Still, you make a good case for it. Or Bryan and Declan do.

  7. Sarah

    I’m so totally a hat person…I love them. I don’t have nearly enough (read: any)…but I adore them.

  8. Kelly

    I am totally a hat person! 🙂 I wore hats to high school in the 80’s when no one else did. I worked it. LOL (I’m sure I didn’t)
    I love the Target commercial too! (so funny, another blogger wrote about this after seeing it.) I wear them whenever I can, but it gets so fricken hot here, it’s not often enough. @:)
    Would you wear one if you were going to the Kentucky Derby?!?!

  9. Megan

    Love these!~

  10. Sarah E. Welch

    Hats are one of the reasons I love fall & winter–my hat collection!

    I haven’t got into spring/summer hats, but I’m sure I’ll get there 🙂

  11. monstergirlee

    Well they both look awfully good in their hats, so it works.

    Danny is totally a hat person, I got him a wonderful black pork-pie hat for Christmas last year. And so is Sullivan. He has a couple really cool hats that he wears too.
    Me? Not so much, just a running hat or warm hat, or rain hat, or sun hat, or baseball cap for mowing the lawn. Guess maybe I’m more hat than I thought.
    But MJ is not. At least… not yet.

  12. the wanna be country girl

    I wish I were a hat person. I just don’t look right in them, but I love someone who does. My son.

  13. Meghann

    I am so not a hat person. My head is lopsided or too short on the top or something, but hats never look right on my head.

    My girls look really cute in hats though, so even though they inherited my head, they did not inherit whatever it is that is funky with my head that makes hats not work.


    I like Hat people.

  15. Schmutzie


    Good looking family you have there!

  16. Sarah Says

    Great pic of your husband with the party background. Love how everything is still going on, adds a lot of character.

    I love hats. They’re great for bad hair day. Plus, they just rock.

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