Course of Events at My House

1. Cat gets locked in Aimee’s office.

2. Most assuredly, cat is pissed that cat gets locked in Aimee’s office.

3. Cat shits on couch in Aimee’s office.

4. Aimee gets home from work, opens door to office, and cat exits like bat out of hell.

5. Aimee wonders what the hell is wrong with cat.

6. Later, Aimee sits down to desk in office.

7. Aimee notices stinky smell in office.

8. Aimee cleans poop off couch.

9. Aimee has nothing in house but lilac air freshener.

10. Now Aimee’s office smells like lilacy poop.

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  1. Anonymous

    oh yuck~! but that’s hilarious!

  2. Tanaya

    Nothing worse than the layering smells over poop. Honestly, I think it might be worse than the actual poop smell, but you never realize that until after you’ve sprayed the bejeesus out of the room with Country Apple air freshener.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Sarah

    you poor thing. lol.

  5. mamalicious

    back in the day, my sister and i were in a store, sniffing candles before we picked out a few. my sister suddenly said, “ewwww, this candle smells like poop.” I said, “no, i tooted.” we laugh our asses off at that story, even now. your story reminded me of it…

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Think of the lilacly poo.

    Lilacy. Poo.

  7. samantha Jo Campen

    Um, I still think my story was worse since a poo-encrusted cat butt sitting on a bed pillow is WAY more offensive than poop on a couch. Granted, cat poop on a couch is not very fun, but it’s not where you lay your head to sleep at the end of every day now is it?

    This is all I’m sayin’.

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