Grand Canyon Day 2

If you can believe it, Day 2 was colder than Day 1. The high was 39. But, the sun was shining again so we bundled up and headed for the eastern side of the south rim.

We opted for the shuttle service again… however – you can drive on that side of the canyon. Our deal was, parking near the rim hotels was filled to the gills – so we found a good space and LET IT BE. Plus, why bother tooling around when there are shuttles running everywhere?

We went out to the furthermost east point on the shuttle route and worked our way back from there. Along the way, the shuttle driver suggested a meandering hike on paved trail that was about a mile, so we took him up on that too.

By the time we wrapped up our canyonseeing and wanted dinner + sunset, we realized “sunset” was not in our future. But the coolest – eeriest – mistiest – crawlingiest fog was. So, we watched that for about an hour, froze our asses off, then had a great dinner that included several piña coladas for me and several Tanqueray and tonics for Bryan. Another major benefit of staying right there on the rim… Drinking & Walking. Unless, of course, you have more like 7 or 8 piña coladas and wander a little too close… ?


Highlights from Day 2 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona:

(Click on any photo for the larger version. You may also be able to then click again with your magnifying glass to enlarge further, depending on your browser.)

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  1. Meghann

    Pictures 5 and 6 are just freaking awesome.

    I need to get you to teach me how to use my $1,000 camera better. LOL!

  2. Bryan

    Day 2? You have been home all day and only day 2???

    What are we paying for here???

    Oh wait, we don’t pay. Sorry.

    Looking forward to the next update. 🙂

  3. Mrs. Wheezer

    I want a Rebel….

    Seriously, all your pictures are simply fabulous!

  4. Shell

    The pictures are great, and it looks like a great trip! And, I must say, that you look awesome when you are in front of the camera-congrats!

  5. Tanaya

    Those are fantastic! It makes me want to zip on down there.

  6. Esmerelda

    Incredible. Simply beautiful.

  7. Caroline

    didn’t you stand at the edge once on the rock of the third photo up?

  8. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I think you are right Caroline! :)))

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