Guess who I am rooting for today?

When you grow up in Baltimore, it’s assumed that you hate the Indianapolis Colts. Period.

At Declan’s pickup from school on Friday, there was all this Super Bowl talk and I offhandedly made a crack about how I grew up in Baltimore, so of course I was rooting for the Bears.

Blank stares.

I patiently explained that, when I was a kid, the Baltimore Colts packed up all their belongings – even the mementos and historical stuff of the team when it was great in the 60’s – and snuck out of town in the middle of the night in big-ass Mayflower trucks like whimpering little dogs with their tails between their legs. And they became the Indianapolis Colts without one word to any of the people of Baltimore.

And the hate began.

I assumed as I told the folks at Declan’s school that it was an age thing – these teachers were in their early 20’s and must not have heard this famous story from the mid- 80s.

However, when I was telling the story at dinner with Jeff and Danielle later that evening, and mentioning how old they made me feel… I got a completely blank stare from Danielle too. Danielle, who grew up in Texas. Cowboy Country.

So, maybe it’s just a regional thing… and I’m not so old after all.

But I still hate the Colts. Not that I have paid one iota of attention to the season or really care about football in the slightest little bit. And yes, I do realize all that went down over 20 years ago and really has nothing to do with the current team.


P.S. This game is extra bittersweet for us, seeing as Bryan’s dad played college ball and was drafted to the Chicago Bears before having a career-ending car accident right after college. I repeat, GO BEARS.

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  1. Anonymous

    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aimee

    LOL, too bad it did the Bears no good! 🙂

  3. Heather

    I understand your hate for the Colts, I feel the same way about the Ravens having grown up in Ohio in a house full of Browns fans. People around here don’t seem to get that either.

  4. aimee

    Yeah, but at least the Ravens/Browns didn’t sneak away in the middle of the night! 🙂

  5. Tree

    I totally understand and I grew up in Broncos country! Same thing about the Cardinals – they belong in St. Louis, not Arizona.

    I had no idea they sneaked away in the middle of the night, though!

  6. MPPs Mom

    As a Baltimore transplant, IMHO the Ravens/Brown situation is no comparison to what the Colts did to Baltimore. It’s in a different league all together. And the Browns got a new team within a year….they didn’t have to wait YEARS to get a team like Baltimore did. But besides that point….I did want to see Peyton finally win one…..the game was crazy yesterday… watching a nascar race just waiting for a wreck.

  7. aimee

    Yeah, the rain made it fun to watch! My FIL would have loved it, even if the Colts won! We were laughing about all those people who ran out and got HD TVs for the game, it the lenses were all foggy. It looked like a retro game form back in the 70’s didn’t it??

  8. Heather

    Not to start anything but it was 4 years not one without the Browns, I lived through it. Both were about money, maybe Modell was more upfront about it but it hurt no less.

  9. aimee

    LOL, Heather… OK, OK. I feel *kinda* sorry for you. But they STILL didn’t sneak out of town and steal mementos that really should have stayed in Baltimore.

  10. Mrs. Wheezer

    LOL! It’s good to know Southerners aren’t the only ones to bear a grudge!

    Laugh on me, though, I didn’t even know who won. Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet was awfully addicting…

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