Middle Class

I have always been middle class. Growing up in Annapolis among the snobby, richy, sailory people. But that was OK because my mom was doing it on her own – and holy hell. Good for her. Wandering within the sea of kids in high school, never really being in one niche or group. But that was OK because at least I didn’t stand out enough to be picked on either. Starting my career in-house rather than going full-tilt fancy design agency. But that was OK because I learned a lot about business in the mix.

And this blog too. While I adore and appreciate every one of you who takes time out of your day to stop by – I often feel middle class around here as well.

Probably because I write about so many different things that I am not “known” for any one thing.

And for a while, I got a little lost in that.

Now. I hate posts that sound all whiny and “look at me, look at me.” I have a great fear that is what this post will sound like. But fuck it. This is how I am feeling, and that is why I started this blog, to talk about my feelings. So narcissist, but true. [Well, kinda narcissist, but that’s a post for another day.] This blog started as a side diary to help me remember Declan’s childhood, and then it morphed into all these other things.

And while I enjoy these other side things – I would be a liar to say I didn’t – the core is still there. A journal of our lives. Plain and simple.

Last night I read Yvonne’s latest post and she seems to be going through some very similar feelings. She said so much of what I wanted to say, and better, so be sure to read this.

I feel a bit more repurposed. Less afraid to say what I want because some person from long ago on Facebook is going to make a snarky comment. Or worse, there will be NO comments. GASP. THE TERROR.

Again, fuck it.

I talk about lots of different things because that is who I am.

100% Middle Class.

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  1. Haley-O

    I feel the same way. I had to fully quit blogging (recently) to get perspective. I took a long 3 week break and came back remembering my true purpose, not caring about how many comments I get, or visitors, etc. I talk about what I want no matter how it makes me appear sometimes — because I know who I am, and blogging helps me know who I am….

  2. Midwest Mom

    I’m usually a ‘lurker’, but today I thought I’d comment.

    There is something important about sharing your family story, not just for the sake of your family, but for the people you don’t know who can be helped by knowing about your experiences. You might not be blogging specifically for that reason, but it’s there nonetheless.

    I know that when you post about sticking up for your son and making sure his needs are met, I see my sister, who had to be her son’s relentless advocate for seven years of his illness. She would have *loved* to read a blog like yours.

    … I guess I’m just saying that your story may have an impact you don’t yet realize, and if it gives another parent some strength to kick butt to get what their child needs, then it’s worth it.

    Another middle-class blogger,
    Julia at Midwest Moms

  3. zeghsy

    it’s your blog. whine away. i mean, i am on mine. at least i’m not alone. 🙂

  4. Amber

    Great post and soooo true. I’m tired of hearing about THE SAME CORE GROUP OF WOMEN who get invited on all these trips. I was thrilled when I talked to LaLa Girl (a middle class blogger) a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned she’d been invited to the Hallmark event. Let’s hear it for middle class bloggers!

  5. mamatulip

    I so get this post.

  6. SP

    I like “middle class.”

  7. daysgoby

    See, to me you’re a rock star.

    No, seriously.

    I admire that you can talk about so many different things with the same even tone and don’t get bogged down by minutiae – that you can hop from topic to topic and don’t feel hemmed in by the walls of your blog.

    (Can you tell I’m feeling some angst as well with my writing?)

    I agree, though. This is your space, and your words.

  8. samantha jo campen

    Middle Class is easier to identify with anyway. IMO it’s easier to comment without feeling judged all the time by ‘the bigger players’ or whatnot. Maybe I’m paranoid. Who knows.

    All I’m saying is, it’s a pleasure to hang with you 🙂

  9. Green {Goody}

    Hells to the yeah! There are so many green blogs {and blogs in general} out there in the race for numbers. I refuse to post a giveaway every week to earn traffic, I loathe cheesy self promotion, and the fakery- oh the fakery. My numbers are not out of this world, but my readers are loyal and true, what more could I ask for. Screw all the other bullsnit, I love the middle class!


  10. Tree

    Middle class, but all class, baby.

    I love ya.

  11. Ali

    fuck it. yes.

    middle class is THE SHIT.

  12. monstergirlee

    Good post, I totally agree with you. And I love your middle class blog just the way you are.

  13. Tarable

    You’ll always be a superhero to me.

    (And I’m not just saying that because I want another Greeblemix.)

    The fact that your name, and your presence, has come to equal happiness around my household must mean something. It may not translate to the blog-oh-sphere, but it means that your contribution to making the world a better place is MUCH larger than your blog traffic.

    Love you long time…

  14. Anonymous

    I love that you quoted 10 Things I Hate About You.

  15. Holly K

    You clearly have struck a chord with this post. Women as a gender tend to give themselves away (though work, kids, friends, etc) anyway. So much so that we lose ourselves along the way, or at best feel “middle class”. And when it creeps into something that is MEANT to be self-expressive (like our blogs), that’s a sure sign its time to take a step back and regroup. I can SOOOO relate to your post. Well said!

  16. mayberry

    I’d SO much rather read a post like this, or anything else you have to say, than much of what I see on some of the “upper class” blogs!

  17. zipper

    Great post.

  18. Kimberly

    OMG…I have no idea what class I am but I just had to join in here because I am SO feeling the same way. Besides, I have been thoroughly enjoying all of your American Idol posts but yet never commented. (my bad) Add to that fact that I grew up in MD and worked my summers in the Market House in downtown Annapolis scooping ice cream to the “snobby, richy, sailory people” and I think we have enough in common to get married in most states.

  19. Katie

    Gurl… *fist bump*… Also, going through a similar passage… 😉

  20. bejewell

    Seems to be a coomon theme around the blogosphere lately. Let’s hear it for the Middle Classers! We make the world go round, you know.

  21. bejewell

    (P.S. Meant “common” — DUH)

  22. Robin

    I worry about sounding that way too but then if you ignore your own thoughts then you aren’t being yourself on your blog and that’s what is most important.

    -end of run of sentence-

  23. Julie @ The Mom Slant

    Yay! I loved Y’s post, and I love yours. You’ve both articulated that pure essence of blogging that drew all of us to it in the days before ads. That same essence still prompts new bloggers to begin chronicling their lives and flexing their writing muscles.

  24. Imelda

    You’re blogging may be all over the place but why not? If that’s who you are, that’s who you are and I like it! I find you and your interests and views quite unique and eclectic.. kinda like someone I know very closely, me.

    I blog because I just do. I know I’m not a good writer but I share what I want to share and don’t really care what others think. I don’t blog for money (hah!) just for the sake of keeping something going. I have had an online presence since 1995 and not going to just stop because I don’t have anything to ‘write’ about.


  25. Christy

    Oh, I feel you! I just started over for some of those reasons (well, for a number of reasons, but mostly I was getting too caught up in who was or wasn’t reading & my numbers being down and what if my mother reads this…etc.) It’s crazy. This is your space to say what you feel–happy, sad, whiny, narcissistic, whatever! 🙂

  26. gkgirl

    i get this…

    and after four years blogging,
    it seems like it runs in cycles…
    or at least,
    that has been my experience…
    i just hang in there
    and do it for me
    first and foremost
    every month i go back and read
    from the previous years for that
    particular month
    and i am always amazed by what
    i read there…

    and if i get comments,
    that’s a bonus i definitely enjoy.

  27. kristy - where's my damn answer

    I don’t think you’re alone when you are feeling this. I think that’s why I’m so thankful that we have four of us writing at Where’s My Damn Answer.

    If one of us is feeling a little off … it’s not the end of the world and we rarely have something that WE don’t comment on ourselves … so no crickets either. We have a built in fan base … but still … we wonder what we could do to get all the lurkers to interact more. I don’t think you can help some of those feelings regardless of how big your following is.

    I admire all of the bloggers I read that do it on their own. It’s a lot of work with all four of us, can’t imagine doing it all on my own.

    Oh … and I’m SO middle class too. Can’t wait for the day that we actually meet in person and share a middle class drink.

    xoxo, K

  28. NaysWay

    I’m with you on all fronts – middle class, writing about whatever appeals to me and no comments. Frequently. Ah, well. What are blogs for? Eff the haters.

  29. Burgh Baby

    Welcome back. 🙂

  30. Sizzle

    I will always like you. Even when you hit the big time. 😉

  31. heather

    I think if you tried to be just one thing, you’d fail miserably. I think of you and I think: photography, cute kid, cuter dog ;-), best live-tweeter of a #conference ever and and and ….
    I saw that post yesterday and loved it. I get like one or two comments a day and it’s all good. We all do this for different reasons and I think when it feels genuine to you, then that is what matters.

  32. J at www.jellyjules.com

    It’s nice to gain perspective and refocus once in awhile.

    My poor little blog has never been about one thing…never will. And I don’t put as much work into it as some do. And I never get many comments. And I’m fine with all of that. Usually.

  33. Sarah Bellum

    You’re making middle class classy!

  34. Neil

    I wish I felt middle class. At least that is a group where you can be a member. Some of us don’t fit into middle class either.

  35. PunditMom

    I think you’ve hit something on the head here. I feel this way all the time. Having grown up on a small farm and never being the “cool” kid in school, I carry a lot of baggage with me about where I do or don’t fit in. While I struggle with trying to be “adult” about all this, I still can’t help feeling that I’m not sure where I fit in around these bloggy parts and the insecurities do come out when some of the more “famous” people are around.

    I’m hoping in my next life, I’ll have a little more confidence in terms of who I am and being at peace with it.

  36. Mary Lynn

    Just catching up on posts after a few busy days. 🙂

    I feel much the same way. I mostly post about my kids and what we’re up to, but every now and then I post about other things that interest me–news stories, music, food and wine–but I don’t have a specific blog theme or point of view.

    I like that you post about lots of different things. And even though–for instance–I’ve never watched an episode of American Idol, I still enjoy your blog because I can appreciate someone who has many diverse interests. Plus I think you write a way that is genuine and interesting.

  37. Mamma

    Holy crap. I could have written this myself. I’m wondering if FB and Twitter and other sites like that have pulled us away from the writing and sharing that drew us to blogging in the first place. I haven’t been participating in the blogosphere–on my blog and on others–and I miss it. Finally.

    I know I’ll never be some huge blogger, but I now have people like you in my life and so that makes it ALL worth it.

    love you babe!!

  38. EatPlayLove

    Well I grew up believing I was middle class, until I was 22 and paying my way through college in Boulder. Then I realized, I was working class. Big aha moment for me.

    And my blog, striving to be middle class.

  39. JennyMoose (jenny from the block)

    What is class, really? Aimee I have known you all my life and you are liquid, beyond class boundaries, equally at home on the snobby streets of annapolis and back street pubs of baltimore. if you feel in the middle perhaps it is this wide, slippery comfort zone you inhabit, from sailing on your boat as a child to your green denver causes now. i hav eseen you equally comfortable sipping champagne with your sushi and knocking back a beer with your crabs. All hail the middle class!

  40. Catutes

    Well said.
    Right there with you in the middle class place.

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