My poor, fat, misunderstood kitty cat.

It’s known far and wide that Bryan dislikes our cat. Finn *is* kind of hard to love. He’s gigantic, anti-social, he meows A LOT – he throws up A LOT – and lately he has started peeing on my couch. Oh, and he makes both Bryan and Declan sneeze.

But still, Finn is totally beautiful. And, well – simply put: he’s. my. cat.

But, I tolerate Bryan’s disdain for him, seeing as he let me keep Finn even after the allergist highly pressured us to get rid of him (Mainly for Bryan… Declan’s allergies are mild). Bryan has even suffered through several years of allergy shots for Finn… so Bryan can call him “Lard Ass” all he wants… I know there’s a teensy bit of love in there somewhere. And I even have a good laugh when we have conversations like this one:

Finn: Meow! Meow! Meow! MEEEEEEEE-OOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan: One of these days I am going to put a cat muzzle on him.

Aimee: He’s part Siamese, and they are just really vocal cats.

Bryan: Vocally annoying.

Aimee: I just try to imagine that he’s saying things like, “Hi guys! You are the best! You are the best owners in the world!” You know… like the saying goes… When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

Bryan: Does that mean we get to smoosh him?

Updated to add: I have received requests to see a photo of Lard Ass.

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  1. Shell

    LOL! That reminds me of R’s relationship with out cat. Especially after he cost us ~$3000! That’s when he goes back to the fact that I came home and said, “but honey, I told the people we would come back and get him.” [after I had stopped at a yard sale and saw him and dh said, “I don’t really want another cat.”]

  2. Tree

    I am not sure I will be drinking lemonade at your house.

    Finn reminds me of my college friend’s cat, Paco. Very similar personality.

  3. tmrperry

    I bet my kitty is bigger than your kitty! (that sounds really dirrrrty!) Lard ass or not, he’s beautiful!

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    20 pounds, bring it!

  5. Tree

    your kitty is bigger than my baby!

  6. Shell

    Charlie’s right around 20 lbs. He used to weigh about 24 when he was fat, but surgery caused him to lose the weight. He’s just a big boy now!

  7. merrymishaps

    My ‘baby’ kitty Joey is a bit of a fatso, and quite noisy … he makes little sounds as he’s running through the house, and you can have conversations with him.

    Not siamese, though!

  8. Christina

    Aw, he’s a cute kitty. We have two Siamese, and I can agree that they are very vocal cats. Some days my husband threatens to evict the next creature who makes an annoying noise.

  9. Builder Mama

    Gosh, he looks bitter. Probably bitter over being called lardass, LOL.

    I’m allergic too, so I feel Bryan’s pain. Although it does get me out of having to stay at my in-laws’ house, which is a huge plus. The place smells like cat butt.

  10. TxGambit

    My two little brats are bit too. Probably close to 20lbs and both very vocal!!

    After me being out most of the week, Sebastian followed me around meowing at me. I think he was asking about my trip so I told him.

    He seemed happy and went back to his life as a cat. Doing pretty much what Finn is doing in the pic!

    Is he a Ragdoll? Mine are.

  11. aimee / greeblemonkey

    He’s a mut we adopted from the Dumb Friends League (our humane society), but they said he must have some Snowshoe in him (which is a special breed of Siamese). Check out his feet – all white!

  12. Anonymous

    Man, to quote Elvis, that cat is huuuuuuuuuge!

  13. nutmeg

    Maybe we should try balancing him on Ezra’s head!

  14. samantha Jo Campen

    Your Bryan is awesome. AWsome.

    I was worried about my Bryan and Cleo getting along. He’d say stuff like that about her before we got married. Now that we are all one big familial unit? He adores her.

    She’s a chatty one too and we’re convinced she’s giving us the cure for cancer and we’re just too stupid to figure it out.

    Maybe that’s what Fig is doing too. Suggest it. That might soften the whole Hatred thing.

  15. samantha Jo Campen

    I really meant Finn. Not Fig. Fig is a gay cat’s name. Finn? Now that’s the name of Pure Genius.

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