Now I can have my life back!

I seriously don’t know what people do who watch multiple shows.

I am gleefully rubbing my hands together thinking of all the stuff I will get done now that 2 nights of my life are not sucked away in useless (albeit entertaining) mega-commercialism.

Congrats to little Jordin.

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  1. Diane C.


  2. Tree

    DVR is the answer. AI takes up two nights/wk, so that could be two shows instead of just one. Really, I think I watch maybe two shows somewhat regularly.

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    good point tree – and freaking THREE in the beginning of the season. Maybe I need to try to stay away next year.

    Yeah right.

  4. Shell

    I don’t watch AI, but I feel the same way! All of my shows ended in almost the same week. It was a good way to pass the exciting winter we’ve had!

    Next, the very messy basement is on my agenda.

  5. tmrperry

    That’s what I thought. But then So You Think You Can Dance started. Ay yi yi. But tv is like crack to me – I’m addicted. But I couldn’t do it without my dvr, fo sho!

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