Now, Time For The Bragging

Yesterday was all for complaining about Declan.

Today, let me show you the book he teacher sent home for him. The page from book that he just read to me out loud, word for word, and only had to phonetically sound about about 5 of those words. The story from that page which he answered our questions about, showing he not only could read words (some of which I didn’t even know) – but also understands the context of what he is reading.

(click image for a larger version)

May I remind you that this child is 6.5 years old???

Hold me.

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  1. cynematic

    Early, voracious readers ROCK. Good on you and Declan!

  2. zipper

    that is off the hook!

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha Denise! You should see how hard I have to try to put a lid on my potty mouth around the kid.

  4. fruitlady

    What book is it? Did I miss that part. Looks like something Liam would love. We can swap kid book ideas. Sweetness! GO DEX!

  5. Akirah

    That’s awesome! It looks like you’ve found his gift. He’s lucky to have a mother like you who will encourage him and brag about him.

  6. Denise

    I love the fact that in the same breath you can say, my kid can read like a motherfucker and still be the mom that says, OMG honey good work! You totally rock! Kudos to Bitchin Mom’s! 😉

  7. Rachael

    Holy cow! I am seriously impressed. My neice is turning 7 in a month and there is no WAY she could read that. Your kid rocks!

  8. zenrain

    that is awesome!

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Amy – Frightful Takes Off – it’s about a bird of some sort, I only read a few pages with him last night. Bryan has been reading it with him mostly.

  10. Anonymous

    wow, you know how to brag!

  11. booksflowers

    That’s great! Be prepared for a wild school ride. Make sure he is hooked up with great teachers who know how to help the great readers in their class. This is a great blog to keep up on gifted education.

  12. Busymomma66

    Very Impressive and worthy of bragging! Nice job and good job Declan!!

  13. Carrie Hilliard

    That’s amazing Aimee. Keep nourishing that! Maybe he’ll be a famous author or even a Nobel Peace Prize Winner?!!! Carrie

  14. Every Day Goddess

    I love the post before and then this one! Very impressive in both!! That is one strong will he has being able to hold out for a whole hour!

  15. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    DAMN impressive – That is great.. Brag away!!!

  16. nutmeg

    So can we lighten up on the Sharpies, People?

  17. lauren

    no effing way!

  18. robin

    so is that book a sequel to “my side of the mountain?” that’s some crazy reading!

  19. monstergirlee

    WOW. That is awesome!

    Sullivan is doing so much better with his reading – it literally gives me chills when does it.

  20. monstergirlee

    Fightful was a trained falcon in My Side of the Mountain – are they related?

  21. Nadine

    I am IMPRESSED! Go Declan!

  22. Jesse

    This is probably a good idea. Hit them with hard stuff, and then the easy stuff that THEY NEED should come easily. Some of the things American children, on average, CAN’T do is totally an embarrassment to the Nation as a whole.

  23. chloebear

    Yeah he’s totally got brains way ahead of his years

  24. chloebear

    can my luck hold out 2 months in a row? Love me some damn fine music.

  25. Well Read Hostess

    He’ll never be bored!

  26. Blue Yonder

    OH!!! Oh that is so great! Very little makes me as happy as seeing my kids get into a book. That definitely gives you bragging rights!

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