"Scheduling Service" – I think it’s a winner.

I was just talking with a mom friend at drop off and she was telling me how boring her Thanksgiving weekend was, that she was bummed she didn’t plan anything, and how Christmas vacation was going to be totally different. I chuckled and thought about offering my scheduling services to help her out. Because yet again, I planned our turkey weekend pretty much down to the millisecond. I think the actual holiday was the most lackadaisical part, where we putzed around in our pajamas till around 1:00 and then headed over to Jeff and Danielle’s house for the big feast.

Friday we went out with my business partner for our holiday dinner. Usually this holiday dinner takes place in, oh, you know – December – but we’re both so crazed we had to push it back and make it a cross-holiday extravaganza. (Because of course I have already used my scheduling service on myself.) The main thing of note from this celebration? The discovery of the bar “Plush” in Cherry Creek. What do you think of when you hear the name “Plush” for a bar? Some trendy, bland hipster nightclub, right? Or at least a place to go and make stuffed animals. But no – this is a bar that serves up food from all over Latin America – like we had some plantain and steak concoction stuffed tall in a Mt. Vesuvius volcano lookin’ jar – and pumps out real Latin music from real Latin people who speak real Latin Spanish. I know what you are thinking. How lucky we were for not being thrown out on our whiteness. But holy hell. Yummy ethnic food this is not wrapped in rice in Cherry Creek North??? I wasn’t leaving for nothin.

As for Saturday, maybe you read my extensive Michael Franti tweets? Where Michael Franti put on a kids matinee between the 2 adult shows and I was slobbering all over myself because of the cuteness? Because Michael Franti is awesome?

If not, here is some video from Bryan’s Flip. The close up parts? Bryan totally just stuck the binoculars up in front of the video camera. Cause he’s genius like that.

Seriously, why don’t more performers do “kids” shows? Think of all the fun for both the kids and parents. Forget that. Think of all the money they could make.

Either way, Michael Franti kicked ASS, dudes. Any chance you ever have to go see him, with or without kids – GO.

As for my kid? He was a little overwhelmed by the whole deal. I have a post coming about that for Mile High Mamas tomorrow. But here’s a good sign he had fun despite standing there like a frozen statue for 2 hours. He’s been singing “Yell fiiiirrre, yell fire, yoo yoo yoo” to himself for three days straight.

OH! WAIT! How could I forget? We kicked the whole weekend off with dinner over at Kary & Gerhard’s. And we all nearly peed our pants reliving this video from last year over, and over, and over again.

P.S. The baby in Cheryl’s belly that I am leaning on in the video is Keely from yesterday. She’s so dependable.

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  1. Megan

    I remember the skiing video. OMG, that was funny!

  2. Sizzle

    I love love love Michael Franti. He’s so fantastic.

  3. James

    Ahh, the tiny scream before the fall. Worth the re-visit.

  4. Anonymous

    awesome all around.

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    James, I knew you would love that.

    And Oz, really – YOU MUST GO!

  6. Anonymous

    awesome. just awesome.

  7. zenrain

    i’ve said it on here before, i love michael franti! and i can’t believe it’s a year since that snow video!!

  8. Oz

    Plush sounds super delicioso. Well, the name sounds sort of like a high-end strip club with overstuffed purple couches, but your description makes me want to go!

  9. EatPlayLove

    I swear we were standing in close to the same spot for Franti! I went back Saturday night as well! And I danced with Mayor Hickenlooper! It was a hoot. I may snag your video for my blog!

  10. MB

    I could watch that video every day.

  11. carrie

    I loved that video last year – thanks for sharing it again.

  12. Kirsetin

    Love the Latin-American food! Our symphony does kid concerts by putting music to things like Green Eggs and Ham; not quite Michael Franti, but still pretty cool. The kids love it.

    Sorry about the “overwhelmed” part; maybe next time will be the charm.

  13. Aimee Estes

    You are such an idiot(no offense)….that video is hilarious.

  14. Rebecca.

    I too remember this post when originally “aired”. Has it been a year already? Really?

    I guess I must say thank you for entertaining me for so long without me ever giving me anything to you in return. LOL.

    Great blog. Truly.

    Rebecca F.

  15. Rebecca.

    Oooh! How Freudian…

    From my last comment…. “I guess I must say thank you for entertaining me for so long without me ever giving me anything to you in return. LOL.”

    And what I meant to write was “…entertaining me so long with me ever giving anything to you in return.” LOL….

    Rebecca F.

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