September Greeblemix!

Hey, did you know it was actually Tuesday and not Monday? NO WAY! And did you know I completely forgot to put up the Greeblemix contest yesterday? YES WAY!

So, to pay for my sins, I will let the contest roll till WEDNESDAY at midnight for once.

What did you all do for Labor Day weekend?

1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight tomorrow, September 9, 2009.
2. The more comments you make, the more chances you have to win.
3. No anonymous comments. Please make sure your email address is easily accessible through your entry!
4. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
5. Tomorrow morning, I will use to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs, three winners!
6. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CDs.
7. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

P.S. Check out my latest updates to the Ireland photos. I am *almost* finished editing them!

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  1. Ginger Pelz

    I should probably enter this in hopes of new music to listen to on the flight to Spain! 🙂

  2. monstergirlee

    Hi – We had a low-key weekend, just putzing around the house, laundry, grocery shopping, walks in the sprinkley-rain etc. etc.

  3. WiredMonkey

    I’ll post a comment – haven’t gotten to in a while. I have no luck with the Greeblemix contests…but I have to keep the faith! Thanks. 😉

  4. Eric Elkins

    I don’t even know what a Greeblemix is, but I could definitely use some new music.

  5. The Bug

    We went to a college football game (at my husband’s new university – his first tenure track FT professor gig!) and we spent a pleasant couple of hours sitting with the neighbors (an older couple) watching their hummingbirds & finches. Very relaxing!

  6. Mary Lynn

    We took our kids to an amusement park Saturday, but didn’t tell them where it was we were taking them, so that was fun just in terms of seeing their reaction. Plus it ended up being a great park for 3 – 5 yr olds. Also visited the in-laws, puttered around home, and played a bit of Wii Rockband. On the whole, it was a lovely Labour Day weekend.

  7. Mary Lynn

    Oh, and could I just say how much I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a Greeblemix? ‘Cuz I would, ya know…

  8. monstergirlee

    Hey – comment #02 for me.
    Just got back from a walk at the Pt Defiance Rose Gardens – and 300+ pictures. Sunny, warm, Wonderful!

  9. San

    I would love to win this time. Just because 🙂

  10. meganlynae

    I baked bread! It was pretty exciting.

  11. Rhiannon

    I need new musics!

  12. J at

    We went out for a nice dinner on Friday…I took a horseback riding lesson on Saturday…rode bikes to the farmers’ market on Sunday…went to lunch and a movie with good friends on Monday. It was a lovely weekend, and the only way to top it would be to finally WIN one of these mixes. 😉

  13. sarai

    I recently came across this blog and am loving it! Labor Day weekend was mostly relaxing, enjoying a visit from my mother, and gearing up for a new school year.

  14. SJ

    We had a fun Labor Day weekend – bbq’ing with friends, a trip into the mountains, etc. It was very low key but fun just the same!

  15. zipper

    I never enter, but what the heck! This weekend was mellow. Mellow is good.

  16. Buttercupyaya

    I scrapbooked for 10 hours yesterday, got some much needed photo editting done and am on to the next session! 😉 Hope you had a great one!

  17. Marla

    Home with sick kiddos – that’s what our first trip to Library story time last week got us!!

  18. Marla

    Hey – not sure what type of music you like, but have you heard of Encourage you to check it out if you haven’t yet . . . .

  19. K-RIV

    Had to work all weekend …. so I deserve some new music, right?!

  20. monstergirlee

    We walked along Owen Beach and son and I counted jellyfish washed up on the rocks.

  21. San

    Mmh, maybe I’ll put in another comment… you know, to enhance my chances of winning 🙂

  22. HellTygr

    What? It was a weekend?
    Actually, had a blast with family, drove to Portland, OR to watch historic car races and British Car show. 🙂

  23. Bobbi

    I pouted because my dear darling hubby had to work. So it was my boys and I all weekend long playing legos, tie-dyeing and making a cupcakes.

  24. velocibadgergirl

    I had to work Saturday and Sunday, but I guess it’s just as well since the weather was terrible. Monday was better – hung out with the husband and he made pancakes 🙂

  25. monstergirlee

    Morning comment.
    Going to be a rainy day. Maybe to the Library with us.

  26. Kelly

    MUUUUUUUsic!! 🙂
    PS. Love the Ireland pics!

  27. J at

    Commenting here to increase my odds of winning, but I love those hand made gifts you are plugging! I’ll keep them in mind. I have a niece and a nephew in that age range. 🙂

  28. monstergirlee

    Probably my last comment of the day. Hope you enjoyed 09-09-09.

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