The Funny Things Kids Say

It’s no secret that my Twitter stream would be boring as hell without my kid.

I’ve often had people ask me if I am keeping a scrapbook of my favorite Declan tweets, and the truth is I often take screencaps of the ones that will have real blackmail potential later.

This one made us have a little talk about language.
And attending Ignite Boulder.

This one made my mom wet her pants in the hospital.

And here is a bonus tweet, technically from Declan’s 5 year old cousin – showing the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

What about you?

What hilarious things have your kid(s) been spouting off lately?

And how do you capture them?

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  1. Myrnagirl

    Declan tweets are my fave!!!

  2. Megan

    Mine are never as outrageous and yours. 😉

  3. Nat

    Upon seeing his father ignore the terms and conditions on a Disney franchise site and blindly clicking on “I Agree” — The Boy looks up at him and says…

    “What if it says that if Walt Disney rises from the dead you must lick is his rotten smelly Zombie feet.”

  4. Rachel

    oh. my.

    I’m so glad I grew up before the internet…

    I’m proud that my niece (12) is a fan of “I’m a girl and I love to eat” but not as proud of her being a fan of “not having a STD”.

  5. zipper

    missed this – AWESOME!

  6. Galaxy

    A family friend has a very funny son 🙂 what he says are just SO SILLY:
    “Daddy, I think there are choppers in my chest that chop up all the food I eat and put it onto two crackers in my belly. Then, there are these two blood cells, I forget their names, who run a machine. The machine takes the poopy off of the crackers and moves it down to my bottom… just thought you should know.”

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