The pride was oozing out my ears and dribbling down my shoulders…

We received word this week that Declan was going to get an award at school. An award! An award called “The Good Citizen Award!” What exactly that meant we hadn’t a clue, but we were excited.

In typical school-fashion we received the notice precisely 1.5 days prior to the pomp and circumstance that would include Declan receiving not only a t-shirt for his achievement, but! – A PEN, too! So we fumbled our schedules around and rushed into the school auditorium just in time to mumble the Pledge of Allegiance with 200 elementary school kids.

But when Declan saw us walk in? Da-damn. Smooth move, us. I thought his head was going to explode from the smile.

Declan and one other little girl were the only kids from the Preschool class to get these awards. Their teacher gave a little speech on why they were receiving the award, I was too busy trying to to cry to hear what she actually said, something about good behavior and overcoming his shyness, and then the kids went up and got their shirts and pens.

And I swear to God, when Declan’s name was called, I heard wooting all the way back to the 5th graders. I knew putting him in an all-ages afterschool program would pay off. In popularity, dude!

OK. But here is the thing. I consciously decided NOT to bring my camera. Can you BELIEVE me? I just had no idea what this thing was about and honestly didn’t feel like being the freak mom with the lens in Declan’s face (yet again), so I decided to leave the camera home for once in my life. And my son gets his first major award, for good behavior no less, in front of the whole freaking school.

Ah well. At least we were there to see him. That was worth a million photographs.

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  1. Christina

    That’s great that he got such a cool award! I’m guessing that was all he could talk about the rest of the day, right?

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    OMG. That and the PEN. And when he went to bed, he spread the shirt out on his chair so he could “look at it while he was sleeping.”

  3. Anonymous

    We are soooooooo proud of you Declan!! Congratulations on this exciting achievment

    Love you

  4. Tree

    WTG, Declan!!! I am so proud of you!

  5. joansy

    Yea Dex!!!

  6. Builder Mama

    Aww, that is so cool. WTG Declan!

  7. Lil' Sis

    We are sooo proud of you Dex!!! what a great award… you are Super Cool!!! And Aim dont beat yourself up about the camera.. I have a feeling this is the first of many! Love you- Aunt Karr, Ridgely and Uncle Aaron

  8. Mayberrys

    Way to go!!

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