Two Snarks and Two Raves

Since people were allowed to get snarktastic on my photo yesterday via Flickr, I figure I am due some snark back, right? Maybe not, but I am gonna anyway. I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite.

Who picked this photo for Daughtry’s page on iTunes? Clearly they are missing some core comprehension of Photoshop. I have added notes for their reference. This will probably only be funny to me … and maybe Bryan, but I don’t care.

(click image for larger version)

Have I mentioned my graphic design and web development company kicks ass? So much that we are in the top 100 women-owned businesses in Colorado! Again! So much that *another* graphic design and web development firm wants to have a glass of wine with us and celebrate our success! I love it when people waste money and time on cold-call swag WHEN THEY ARE A COMPETITOR!

OK. Enough of that. Snarks over. Maybe.

Two cool things to talk about now.

You all know Pioneer Woman, right? You know how she COOKS LIKE A MANIAC, right? She has launched a new site called Tasty Kitchen. I was thrilled to help her with some beta testing and I can tell you, the site rocks. That is totally my professional opinion [see above] because you know Ree didn’t ask me to help for my cooking skills [read: none]. Go check it out!

SECOND. (And MAYBE THIRD, depending on how you count).
I am sure some of you realize that BlogHer is like a week away. [I am not going.] [I know. I am stupid.] While you are planning your outfits, I have seen a bunch of tweets about how to exchange information, mainly taking the form of WHAT THE HELL IS A POKEN??? So, um. If you are not into itty bitty Hello Kitty shaped technology, and/or don’t feel like carrying ONE MORE THING, be sure to sign up for Contxts – which was developed right here in Colorado. Contxts are mobile business cards that you can put whatever info you want into. To try it out, text ‘aimee’ to 50500 and you will get mine. Contxts blew up at last year’s SXSW so you know it’s cool. Heh.

And lastly, if you are in the Front Range area and [GASP] not going to BlogHer, come join us for the BowlHer broadcast party I am throwing here in Denver. Absolutely NO NEED to bring your own wine glass. I promise.

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  1. zipper

    Congrats! And love the snark, keep it coming!

  2. Sizzle

    I’ll miss you this year but can still relish in the good times we shared last year. 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Ohhh! Thanks for the tip on Pioneer Woman’s new site!

  4. Dave

    I love your Photoshop comments on the Daughtry press photo. Kerning is so missed these days. I think it is from lack of knowledge NOT added creativity.
    and FIRST, CONGRATS! Women biz people rock. The first ad agency i worked for is owned by two childhood women friends. they rock too.

    SECOND: yes, Bowlher…here we come.

  5. gonzomama

    no, the snark was definitely funny!

  6. Angela

    that is hilarious about the wine glass… and expensive!!!

  7. That one girl

    Congrats on having one of the top woman owned business’ in Denver. That is AWESOME!

  8. Amanda

    It took me several seconds to identify the Daughtry. Ugh. Love the snark. Meow!

  9. well read hostess

    you’re on a first name basis with the pioneer woman.

    or rather, she’s on a first name basis with YOU.

  10. tiddleywink

    Just catching up on Reader now. Um, can the snark continue with a little “Oh dear, not Bleeding Cowboys for a logotype AGAIN”? That typeface deserves an award for most-rapidly-overused.

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