Wyoming: The Rest of the Photos

OK, finally, here are the portraits I took up in Wyoming. We picnicked in a park, and the light was just right for some pictures. Of course, Emerson (6) was most interested in posing for me. Declan and Hawkins (4.5) were pretty much off throwing sticks and finding bugs. Although, as you can see – Emerson found some cool bugs of her own, too.

It was amazing to see our kids having such a great time together. I mean, Marabeth and I met almost 20 years ago. Who knew, when we lived together in Florida back then, that our kids would be romping together – and be so close in age?

On top of that, Marabeth and Jim celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this week (happy anniversary guys!)… and only one month later was when I met Bryan. And then, serendipitously, we moved the Denver the same year that Marabeth and Jim moved to Wyoming. How nice to have them this close!

And then! All Marabeth’s close family moved to Wyoming as well. It’s like extended family just north of us. Her brother, who married and had 3 children… as well as her parents, Bill and Nancy, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday (happy anniversary guys!) are all there. It’s also amazing to think that when I used to go visit Marabeth’s family in Georgia during our breaks from school, her brother was still in high school and her parents’ marriage was still in its 20’s.

Time certainly flies.

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  1. Anonymous

    All are lovely. What adorable kids!

  2. Sarah

    I can’t get over the pill bug one!

  3. diana

    wow! these are all such great photos.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s so nice to have friends that long!

  5. zenrain

    they’re great!!~ thank you!!!!!! mar

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    AD – well, that’s the beauty of digital – I do take a BUTTTTTTLOAD of photos. I filled up 3 gigs of memory card of the weekend. I ended up with 91 keepers, and these were my faves of those.

    And there definitely are a bunch that have eyes shut, or people are irritated with me having the camera in their face. In fact, Jim kept asking me, “Are you done yet?” 😉

  7. Alpha DogMa

    So what is your ‘keeper’ to ‘out take’ ratio? I’m a total hack (having once dated a mentally unstable photographer and developing a self-protectionist aversion to all things F-stopable), but do you take a lot of photos with people blinking or grimacing that you must delete?
    I like your photographic style – everyone looks natural and the smiles are genuine.

  8. Dean Mama

    Supremely fantastic!

  9. sue

    What great pics…

  10. joansy

    aw always, great pics!

  11. zenrain

    Aimee, your photography is just killer–you have this great ability to create or sense, strong, organic images that have 0 cheese factor. You might want to patent it.

    Jim K

  12. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Jim, you are just happy because you look so handsome!!! 😉

  13. Catherine

    Girl, you are just as great at evoking feeling through your photos as Jim up there was with his paintings.

    Blown over,


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